Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Update on 2010 Trail Event

After several ideas were tossed around, we agreed on "Vision Trek" as the official name of the 2010 trail event!

Here are more details about the event:

Date: Saturday, March 13th

Location: US Army Corps of Engineer Allatoona Lake, Riverside Pavilion

Trail: Vineyard Mountain Eagle Scout Trail, Yellow Trail

Distance: 5.6-mile (out and back)

Difficulty: Moderate

Description: The Vineyard Mountain Eagle Scout Trail traverses the forested slopes of Vineyard Mountain. From its lofty vantage points, runners are provided beautiful vistas of the Etowah River Valley, Allatoona Dam, the Cooper's Furnace historic area and Allatoona Lake. Wildlife which may be encountered includes deer, turkey, fox, bobcat, squirrel and rabbit. Birds frequently seen are hawks, blue jays, songbirds and crows. Occasionally, a Bald Eagle may even be spotted along the river.

Sounds pretty inviting, doesn't it?

What else is new?

Official partnership with Peachtree Tri Club!

Final stages of the event logo!

Next brainstorming meeting with the committee on Tuesday, September 1st.

More details will be forthcoming!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

People are Good!

I've always believed that ALL people are inherently GOOD. Some examples of that include some really great people who have taken time out of their extremely busy schedule to sit down with me and help with ideas for the next Georgia Eye Bank fundraiser/awareness-raiser. You know who you are! THANKS!

Next steps for next year's event:
* Find a suitable venue to accommodate 100 people
* Meet with my committee to brainstorm
* Start working on a proposal, budget and list of potential sponsors

If anyone has any ideas for potential sponsors, please let me know so I can add them to the list!

Friday, March 13, 2009

This is my first post!

I want to start off my blog by letting you know what is on my mind. WARNING: There's lots!!!

First and foremost, I am coming off of my 5th fundraising event for Georgia Eye Bank! I would definitely say it was a success! We held a 5-Mile Trail Run/Walk/Hike at Stone Mountain Park on Saturday, March 7th. 33 participants took on the challenge and 15 volunteers helped make the event run without a hitch! We raised $1,522 with very little out-of-pocket expenses! A GREAT BIG THANKS GOES OUT TO EVERYONE WHO DONATED, PARTICIPATED, VOLUNTEERED or SUPPORTED!

Now, I am thinking of ways to make it better for years to come! Some ideas I have are 1.) Obtain corporate/individual sponsorships, 2.) Post on Active.com, 3.) Promote to local clubs (GUTS has already agreed to talk to me about a partnership). 4.) Have more prizes 5.) Create an event-specific technical t-shirt or other awesome giveaway for participants and volunteers and 6.) PROMOTE, PROMOTE, PROMOTE!.

Does anyone have any other ideas I could start exploring?