Friday, March 13, 2009

This is my first post!

I want to start off my blog by letting you know what is on my mind. WARNING: There's lots!!!

First and foremost, I am coming off of my 5th fundraising event for Georgia Eye Bank! I would definitely say it was a success! We held a 5-Mile Trail Run/Walk/Hike at Stone Mountain Park on Saturday, March 7th. 33 participants took on the challenge and 15 volunteers helped make the event run without a hitch! We raised $1,522 with very little out-of-pocket expenses! A GREAT BIG THANKS GOES OUT TO EVERYONE WHO DONATED, PARTICIPATED, VOLUNTEERED or SUPPORTED!

Now, I am thinking of ways to make it better for years to come! Some ideas I have are 1.) Obtain corporate/individual sponsorships, 2.) Post on, 3.) Promote to local clubs (GUTS has already agreed to talk to me about a partnership). 4.) Have more prizes 5.) Create an event-specific technical t-shirt or other awesome giveaway for participants and volunteers and 6.) PROMOTE, PROMOTE, PROMOTE!.

Does anyone have any other ideas I could start exploring?

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